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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by…! My name is Britta.

mind-body-therapist // mindfulness trainer // yoga teacher (prospective)

I’m here to encourage YOU to make mindfulness a natural part of YOUR day-to-day life!

MINDFULNESS gives you more...
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Mindfulness brings along inner calm and peace – in the long run. You practice being aware without judging and saying deeply “yes” to what is right here right now. Your mind’s bugging doubts and perpetual naggings are exposed for what they are: thought that come and go. You get in touch with a deep inner stillness inside yourself that is always there – if you listen carefully…

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Becoming aware of your mostly unconcious automatisms enables you to escape from behavioural and thought patterns that hold you back from living YOUR authentic life. You bravely explore new avenues, shift your priorities and make (self-)concious dicisions. You experience that YOU are responsible and that you do have a free choice each moment of your life…!

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Mindfulness improves your dealing with difficult situations and emotions. You sense stresses and strains way earlier and you can take counteractions appropriate to your current needs and limits. Meditation shows you a way to step off harmful mind chatter to find your inner balance and recharge your batteries.

Manager For Applied Health Sciences (Ba. Sc.)

The university education in Integrative Health Promotion offered me deep insights into the “science behind wellbeing”. Anything that benefits the relaxation of your body and mind not only does you good – but strengthens evidently your self-regulating forces, your immune system, has an impact on your body chemistry and every single one of your vegetative body systems… – AND it also changes the architecture of your brain permanently!

Mind-Body-Therapist (freelance)

For many years now I practice as a mind-body-therapist at the department for natural medicine at the Immanuel Clinic (Berlin Wannsee). Therefore I guide groups through a 12-week-program in health-promoting lifestyle change and stress management – which includes training in various relaxation techniques, physical activities, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, social and communicative competences.

Mindfulness-Trainer                       “Tame Your Monkey Mind”

On the foundation of all my previous experiences I created the innovative course concept “tame your monkey mind” to support people with bringing mindfulness into their day-to-day life. I offer these classes since 2014 in Berlin for groups as well in German language a in English. It’s the essence of all that I’ve experienced to be crucial for living a healthy, content and fulfilled life. It makes you understand and see what it means to “live minfully”.

Yoga-Teacher (prospective) – style: Vinyasa- / OM-Yoga

As a prospective yoga teacher I’m looking forward to letting elements of yoga (like mindful body movements and breathing techniques) slip into my work more and more. Yoga is actually mindfulness meditation in movement. It’s a great possibility to feeling your body very conciously, moving in harmony with your breath and recognize your typical thought patterns and your typical interactions with yourself… being right here right now!

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

(Mahatma Gandhi)
And something personal...
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After all realizations and personal experiences of the last years I figured out ONE thing: a happy and fulfilled life is not about living as many years as possible or living free from sickness at all cost. What matters is living the present moment to the fullest and accepting what life offers me at this moment. Sensing what I do need now that makes me feel good and saying “no” to what harms me and what doesn’t feel right. To treat myself, my fellow human beings and any living creature on this planet with mindful respect became way more important to me than all striving for perfection and approval from outside. Mindfulness changed my life for the better and made me a confident and compassionate woman, who is still sometimes doubting and searching – but with a great portion of faith into life and the certainty, that everything that happens is all right as it is RIGHT NOW!

On that exciting road the greatest challenge was and still is the relationship with that part in me that I by now tenderly call my “monkey mind”, my reason, who is chattering tirelessly and testing myself over and over again. Getting to know it better, understanding its intentions and not taking it too seriously was the geatest step into living my authentic life, freeing myself from constraints and boundaries and come to calm.

“Don’t believe everything you think…!”

This sentence once changed my life completely…! And I wish from the bottom of my heart that I can transport this message that “saved my life” here on these pages in simple-to-understand words… I’m glad in case I can contribute to bringing YOU to the present moment. To help you get to know and love yourself a little bit better, to look closely to what’s going on inside and being honest to yourself – to go your own way as the wonderful and unique human being that you are!

Lots of love!

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