develop your “blissablility”

= develop your natural ability to be mindful!

Being mindful means…

being present in the current moment and accepting without judging what life offers you right here, right now – with all your senses, with all your attention and with all your being.

Being present means…

…simultaniously that the voice in your head – your monkey mindcalms down and you gain clarity, contentment and serenity. Cause your monkey mind is the one who tempts you away from the present moment, who pushes you forward, who judges and who pressures you…

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How you can implement mindfulness-practice into your daily life despite many barriers: that is exactly what I´m gonna show you on these pages! I want to motivate and support you as best as I can…

My name is Britta. I started my journey towards a more and more unchained and authentic life many years ago. My greatest insight on that path was the incredible value of mindfulness and I made it my goal, to take YOU along with me…!

I believe that the mindful revolution will change the world fundamentally. And it starts with you and me – in our heads…! Figure out what it is that fulfills you and what you don´t need (anymore) – to let go and live a free and authentic life. Learn to appreciate each moment!

Kickoff YOUR mindful revolution … right here and now!

> Become aware of your masks – and let them go! Become real and authentic your true self! That’s endlessly lighter and more relaxed than maintaining all those make-believe layers…

> Discover all your rigid inner voices, who tell you what you have to do and what you shouldn’t do, because the only thing you really HAVE to do in this life is living with the consequences of your decisions…!

> Realize where you adapt to society’s norms and rules and when you do things only because “that’s how it’s done”, cause everyone does it or cause it’s always been done this way. Is it really true for you? What alternatives are there?

my offers
You have my support with…
  • understanding the connectedness between your thoughts, your feeling of being alive and your practice of mindfulness
  • …learning how to practice various types of mindfulness meditation
  • implementing mindfulness into your daily life
  • …by reminding you over and over again to bring your full attention to the moment – and appreciate life with all your senses…!